Logo-prestocloudReal-time, data-intensive applications for Cloud, edge and fog computing environments

With the PrEstoCloud software the project has yielded a dynamic and distributed software architecture for a platform that manages cloud and fog resources proactively. Based on the PrEstoCloud platform the …

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Reliable Capacity Provisioning and Enhanced Remediation for Distributed Cloud Applications

RECAP is an Horizon2020 project that provides novel methodologies, tools and an enabling workflow for automated infrastructure deployment, monitoring, and analytics that result in lower costs and better quality of …

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Multi-cloud Execution-ware for Large-scale Optimized Data-Intensive Computing

MELODIC is a European Union sponsored project to develop a multi cloud management platform with the same name. The MELODIC platform enables data-intensive applications to run within defined security, cost, and performance boundaries …

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mF2C_logo_Towards an Open, Secure, Decentralised and Coordinated Fog-to-Cloud Management Ecosystem

The mF2C project sets the goal of designing an open, secure, decentralised, multi-stakeholder management framework, including novel programming models, privacy and security, data storage techniques, service creation, brokerage solutions, SLA …

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 Secure Data Processing in the Cloud

RestAssured provides protection for sensitive in data in the Cloud through four pillars of innovation:
1. Use of secure hardware enclaves to protect data-in-process
2. Sticky policies for the management of access to data

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cloudDBapplianceEuropean Cloud In-Memory Database Appliance with Predictable Performance for Critical Applications

CloudDBAappliance project was motivated by the business need to move enterprise critical application on the Cloud in order to take benefits of its business models, and the business need …

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