H-CLOUD leads coordination and support activities for the consolidation and growth of the Cloud Computing research and innovation community in Europe, bringing together innovators, policy makers, cloud computing research, industry and users into an open, participatory and sustainable forum. The H-CLOUD Forum will strengthen collaboration to address challenges and opportunities at research, technological, policy, standardisation and organisational level to unlock the potential of Cloud Computing for all European stakeholders.

To help creating a Cloud agenda for the future of Europe, H-CLOUD leads the definition of the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for Cloud Computing that will provide recommendations and strategies to guide the future of European Cloud services and their market regulations. This will encompass the creation of a comprehensive knowledge base, the H-CLOUD LANDSCAPE, including an online catalogue of stakeholders, initiatives, projects, businesses, policies, success stories and best practices that will be made accessible to all HORIZON CLOUD participants.

The CSA brings together 4 partners each of which with unique competencies and a proven track record of excellent commitment and achievements in the Cloud Computing landscape:



The H-CLOUD Advisory Board gathers top-notch experts in the field of Cloud Computing that will provide insights about research, technology, market and/or regulatory trends that are of relevance to the H-CLOUD planned activities. This will help identify main research, innovation and deployment challenges and opportunities contributing to identify a common agenda for European-driven efforts. Interventions of AB representatives will be triggered to help steering strategic directions and strengthening dialogues to all relevant stakeholders.

The H-CLOUD Advisory Board Members will be:

  • Given a chance to shape the future research agenda and roadmap for Cloud Computing in Europe.
  • Given the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with other prominent experts and be offered networking opportunities online and offline.
  • Invited to expert panels and / or thematic workshops.
  • Given exposure through the H-CLOUD and the EC media channels – blogs, interviews, etc.
  • Given early access to business and R&D reports produced within the project.
  • Get free registration to relevant events.

The H-CLOUD Advisory Board members are:


Dana Petcu

University of Timisoara
CEO of Institute e-Austria Timisoara

Alban Schmutz

Founder & Chairman of CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe)
Jurry de la Mar

Jurry de la Mar

Head of International Sales, Public Sector at Deutsche Telekom / T-Systems
Lutz Schubert

Lutz Schubert

Lecturer at University of Ulm

Ana Juan Ferrer

Atos Research and Innovation
Head of NG Cloud Lab
Luděk Matyska

Luděk Matyska

Masaryk University
Director of CERIT-SC

Martin Dias d’Ullois

Senior Product Owner Cloud Services at LOGIUS

Rainer Sträter

SVP Cloud Services and Global Platform Hosting at IONOS
Mark Kuehner

Mark Kuehner

VP Cloud Architecture and Engineering at SAP