CHARITY Project participation at AWE XR 2022

CHARITYThree Project partners (Dotesfera, OneSource and Plexus) will represent the CHARITY project participating at the 13th annual AWE EU event.

Focus: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and enabling emerging technologies (5G, AI, etc.)

Visit the CHARITY project booth here:

CHARITY aspires to leverage the benefits of intelligent, autonomous orchestration of cloud, edge, and network resources, to create a symbiotic relationship between low and high latency infrastructures that will facilitate the needs of emerging applications.

These intelligent tools, that potentially tackle any kind of highly interactive class of services and applications, will be validated against a wide class of highly anticipated applications characterized by extreme levels of interaction and data exchange between the end users and application components, i.e., AR, VR and Holography applications.

The main outcome of CHARITY will be a community-driven platform that is based on open-source framework.

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