CHARITYNext-generation immersive services including advanced AR, VR and Holography-based applications have been referred to as killer applications for Beyond-5G and 6G networks. They represent one of the most demanding class of services with very high requirements not only for the network itself but also from an architectural perspective and regarding quality of experience (QoE). Considering different immersive service categories, including Real-time Holographic Applications, Immersive Virtual Training and Mixed Reality Interactive Applications, the huge technological challenge is apparent. In order to tackle this challenge, Horizon 2020 project CHARITY focuses on understanding how an intelligent and autonomous framework spanning across the edge/cloud continuum of the network can facilitate the deployment and orchestration needs of such services. Strong efforts have been made by CHARITY project partners on publishing research papers through open access platforms (see all papers here).

During the last weeks, the CHARITY project produced 2 new videos diving deeper into the use cases explaining the impact of such an application for everyday life. In a short video, Alexandru Roibu from Holograma 3D explains CHARITY’s Holographic Concert Use Case and Zbyszek Ledwoń from Orbital Knight presents CHARITY’s Augmented Reality Gaming Use Case.

The CHARITY project will showcase some of its Use Cases at Booth 32 during the EuCNC & 6G Summit 2022 at Grenoble (France) on June 7-10th.