Register now: EC Virtual Event “Digital Autonomy in the Computing Continuum” – 11 November 2021



Join the high-level workshop hosted by the European Commission and share your view on a strategic European vision for the Computing Continuum to establish a European supply and value chain in cloud to edge computing and the tactile Internet.

About the event

Europe’s ambition for digital autonomy to gain leadership in the data economy and to empower our economy and society builds on the availability of a secure, interoperable, and sustainable computing infrastructure from cloud to edge to IoT. To realise such a Computing Continuum, it is necessary to ensure convergence of several technologies, including cloud, edge, IoT, 5G, AI, etc., where distributed resources and services can be smoothly orchestrated and aggregated on demand to support a variety of data-driven applications. The workshop will address new cloud/edge technologies with enhanced performance enabled by and supporting AI, which increase European autonomy in data processing required to support future hyper-distributed applications.

This calls European stakeholders to join efforts and converge on a common research and innovation agenda, building on the momentum from strategic initiatives like European Alliance on Data, and Cloud Alliance; the GAIA-X Initiative; the AIoTI Alliance, or the Joint Undertaking ECSEL and its successor KDT (Key Digital Technologies). The 1-day virtual workshop aims at gathering researchers, innovators, industrial stakeholders both from the supply and the demand side, SMEs/Start-ups, policy makers, standardisation experts, regulators, as well as relevant initiatives and projects, to exchange views on specific R&I topics, challenges, and opportunities and converge on priorities to guide future investments under Horizon Europe, Destination 3, area “From Cloud to Edge to IoT for European Data”.

The morning programme will focus on the upcoming Horizon Europe Cloud-Edge-IoT calls for 2022 (Official Work Programme here). Experts will discuss the following topics in parallel sessions:

  • Programming tools for decentralised intelligence and swarm computing;
  • Cognitive Cloud: AI-enabled Computing Continuum;
  • Role of open-source software and hardware in a Computing Continuum supporting Europe’s digital autonomy.

The afternoon programme will engage Continuum Computing and Next-Generation IoT experts in deriving recommendations for research and innovation topics that should be addressed under the Cloud-Edge-IoT Calls Horizon Europe under Work Programme 2023-2024. The latter aims at providing a medium-term future-looking perspective complementing Europe’s deployment and infrastructure initiatives on common data spaces and federated cloud infrastructures under the Digital Europe Programme. Discussion will build on and further refine strategic recommendations by high-level groups such as the “European Industrial Technology Roadmap for the Next Generation Cloud-Edge Offering” of the CEO Roundtable “Shaping the Next Generation Cloud Supply for Europe” and the report from the Strategy Forum on “Next generation IoT and Edge Computing”.

Why participate?

The Digital Autonomy in the Computing Continuum Workshop will be an opportunity to:

  • Learn from experts and prominent representatives of various relevant initiatives in the area from Cloud to Edge to IoT for European Data.
  • Discover more about the upcoming Horizon Europe Cloud-Edge-IoT calls for 2022.
  • Contribute to the shaping of the 2023-2024 Horizon Europe Work Programme.
  • Meet new contacts in a timely and cost-efficient way.

The event is organised by the European Commission in collaboration with H-CLOUD, HUB4CLOUD, EU-IoT and support of SWForum.