EU Member States agree to work on a European Cloud

Today, 25 Member States of the European Union expressed the political will on the next generation cloud for Europe. They agreed to work together towards deploying resilient and competitive cloud infrastructure and services across Europe. The Member States’ joint actions will focus on:

  • Combining private, national and EU investment in deploying competitive, green and secure cloud infrastructures and services. This will mean pursuing the next steps together with industry and experts to shape the European Alliance on Industrial Data and Cloud.
  • Defining a common European approach on federating cloud capacities, by working towards one set of joint technical solutions and policy norms in order to foster pan-European interoperable EU cloud services.
  • Driving the take-up of more secure, interoperable and energy-efficient data centres and cloud services in particular for small and medium enterprises, start-ups and the public sector.

A European Alliance on Industrial Data and Cloud will be launched by the end of 2020.

More information here.