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Since 2012, Fed4FIRE+ and its predecessor Fed4FIRE built, and run the largest federation of Next Generation Internet (NGI) experimentation facilities in Europe including also the federation with US GENI (instaGENI and exoGENI testbeds) and US Cloudlab.

Fed4FIRE+ offers a heterogeneous set of Cloud and Networking testing facilities that are available to use free of charge. These facilities cover technologies ranging from Wired networking, Software Distribution Network (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Wireless networking testbeds, 5G testbeds, IoT testbeds, Cloud, Big Data that are accessible with a single account (via the jFed tool).


Fed4FIRE+ resources can be are accessible through:

  • Open Access: access to the federated testbed’s resources without fees.
  • Open Calls: through the cascade funding mechanism, Fed4FIRE+ provides support to projects for various type of experimentation: large, medium and small and dedicated call for SMEs. Learn more on the funding opportunities, call and submission procedures. here

Fed4FIRE+ also offers the “Fed4FIRE+ Webinars’ series”, a series of technical tutorial enabling innovators from industry, SMEs and academia to discover the testbeds and to execute live experiments on large-scale experimental facilities.

The next webinar will be on the GPULab, will be:

16 December 2020 at 10:00 am CET

GPULab is a distributed system for running jobs in GPU-enabled Docker-containers. GPULab consists out of a set of heterogeneous clusters, each with their own characteristics (GPU model, CPU speed, memory, bus speed, etc.), allowing the user to select the most appropriate hardware.


Registration to the webinar is free but mandatory. REGISTER NOW.

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