H-CLOUD Talks Expert views on European Cloud Computing – Vol 2: Martin Dias D’Ullois

H-CLOUD has published the second edition of “H-CLOUD Talks” is a new blog and interview format highlighting expert views on the future of Cloud Computing in Europe. In this episode, H-CLOUD coordinator Dr Federico M. Facca conducted a video interview with Martin Dias D’Ullois, Senior Product Owner at Logius Cloud. Logius is a shared service entity that provides critical digital services for the Dutch public sector and it has been selected as one of the Good Cloud Practices H-CLOUD has identified during project runtime. Learn more about it here.

In this H-CLOUD talks interview, Federico and Martin discuss what European Cloud industry should develop to support public service institutions and why building more common standards and openness in the Cloud landscape is of utmost importance for public administration. Moreover, Martin explains why we should intensify the collaboration between Cloud experts and the European Commission’s governance planning and which core services are mostly needed in public administration.

Curious to know more? Watch the whole video interview here: