H2020 project SODALITE publishes White Paper

H2020 project SODALITE publishes White Paper “Extremely optimising software applications on Cloud and HPC solutions”

We are currently living in a software defined world. Cloud and HPC systems are the backends of practically everything we use daily. Without them, there are no weather reports/predictions, maps, mail, messaging, TV, radio, music, etc. No smart assistants either. In this field, the Horizon 2020 project SODALITE, which is part of the H-CLOUD ecosystem, is bringing new solutions to deal easier and faster with big amounts of data and to comply with security and privacy issues. The Cloud project has now published a new White Paper, giving an overview of SODALITE.

SODALITE provides developers and infrastructure operators with tools that abstract their application and infrastructure requirements to enable simpler and faster development, deployment, operation, and execution of heterogeneous applications.

It can be applied in several and complex environments, such as heterogeneous, software defined, high-performance, Cloud infrastructures, with a particular focus on performance, quality, manageability, and reliability.

The full stack of SODALITE is divided into five different layers, which have four pillars in common. In these pillars the heterogeneity, security and privacy, service quality and semantic intelligence remain the essential ones to deploy applications.

Three real scenarios demonstrate the solutions of SODALITE. From IoT in autonomous cars, in silico spinal operations, and snow scarcity in mountain peaks.

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