Highlights of the H-CLOUD webinar “Navigating the European Cloud Community”

On 14 October 2021, from 14:00 – 15:00 CEST, H-CLOUD organised the webinar “Navigating the European Cloud Community”, during which project partners presented the H-CLOUD Online Catalogue, a knowledge base, which curates a plethora of Cloud Computing projects, initiatives, businesses and policies, success stories, and best practices in Europe.

The webinar kicked-off with a presentation (download here) held by H-CLOUD partner Gabriella Cattaneo, IDC, during which she gave an overview of the state-of-the-art of the European Cloud Computing research and innovation landscape and highlighted success factors from the Cloud scene. Hereafter, Emanuele Pristera and Angele Giuliano, both H-CLOUD partners from AcrossLimits, presented the H-CLOUD Cloud Catalogue and explained how interested Cloud Computing stakeholders can create visibility for their initiatives and contribute to the catalogue.

The webinar then continued with an interactive pitch session of four good practices that are represented in the H-CLOUD Cloud Catalogue:

Andreas Ocklenburg, presented cloudSME, a spin-off of the CloudSME Project and a private sector company that specialises in the commercialisation of MiCADO technology developed under the EU funded COLA project. cloudSME includes a good practice related to technology innovation with a highly scalable multicloud Kubernetes orchestration engine, specialising in supporting compute-intensive simulations. More information about this good practice here and in the presentation here.

Teresa Girbal presented a good practice from eSPAP, the largest shared service entity of the Portuguese national government. eSPAP was selected as good practice related to Governance and Organisational Structure, as it has a flat structure with business units aligned to each line of service. Furthermore, the eSPAP Board is supported by a dedicated strategic planning and management control unit, which ensures strategic alignment and coordination of continuous improvement across the individual lines of service. You can find more information about the good practice here.

Zoltan Mann from University of Amsterdam continued with a presentation of RestAssured, which set out to provide end-to-end security for sensitive data, and FogProtect, which delivers new and advanced architectures, technologies, and methodologies for ensuring end-to-end data protection across the computing continuum, from cloud data centers through fog nodes to end devices. Find here more information on the RestAssured and FogProtect good practices and in the presentation here.

Finally, Geert Machtelinckx, gave a presentation (download here) on ThreeFold, which delivers autonomous decentralised Cloud Technology to meet the demands for decentralisation in the data economy. ThreeFold has been selected as good practice due to its current business success and as the ThreeFold Grid enables the establishment of peer-to-peer networks at different levels – at the community level, regional level, country level, and global level, depending on the defined scope. Learn more about ThreeFold here.

The event ended with a short wrap-up and presentation of H-CLOUD’s next steps by project coordinator Dr Federico M. Facca from Martel Innovate.

A big “thank you” from the whole H-CLOUD team to all presenters as well as all 30 attendees for the successful workshop. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording here:

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