HUB4CLOUD kicks-off Strategic Coordination Board

On 28 April 2021, HUB4CLOUD organised the first meeting of its newly established Strategic Coordination Board (SCB), which strives to function as the core nexus across the European Cloud Computing (ECC) ecosystem. The SCB aims to help align on the strategic objectives across the ECC ecosystem, coordinating the contribution of various Cloud Computing (CC) projects, identifying potential synergies, and collaboration opportunities, including how to best position next generation CC infrastructures and services for unleashing the potential of outcomes generated within the ECC context. Moreover, it fosters convergence on common strategic and operational aspects to grow a smart Cloud computing continuum to shape the European Union’s digital future.

Members of the SCB are:

  • The HUB4CLOUD Project Coordinator and the WP Leaders,
  • The H-CLOUD Project Coordinator and other key representatives,
  • The Project Coordinators of the ICT-40 and ICT-15 H2020 CC projects, and
  • European Commission representatives.

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The first meeting kicked-off with a project introduction of HUB4CLOUD coordinator Dr. Giovanni Rimassa followed by a strategic positioning of HUB4CLOUD Project Officer Luis Carlos Busquets Pérez from the European Commission. Hereafter, coordinators of the following ICT-15 and ICT-40 H2020 Cloud projects presented their work:

  • Morphemic
  • Pledger
  • FogProtect
  • SmartCLIDE
  • Physics
  • DataCloud
  • Charity
  • Ai-Sprint

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Hereafter, attendees discussed several themes in the area of Cloud computing that might play an important role in aligning the strategic objectives of the European Cloud Computing Community. Themes discussed ranged from Cloud certification, Software Engineering for Cloud Computing, Cloud federation, Cloud/Edge continuum, Green Cloud to AI for the Cloud. Based on this and future discussions, the SCB will work towards a Strategic Position Paper in the weeks and months to come.

Stay tuned!