Insights from the first H-CLOUD Technical Community Event

On 23 March 2021, H-CLOUD welcomed 72 Cloud stakeholders during its first Technical Community Event for the European Cloud Scene. During this event, Cloud Computing projects funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme as well as other stakeholders from the Cloud ecosystem presented technical outcomes of their Cloud projects. Topics discussed during the community event ranged from Cloud modelling and optimisation to edge computing, Unikernels, DevOps practices, and green Cloud.

The event klicked-off with an introduction of the H-CLOUD project by project coordinator Dr Federico M. Facca and was followed by a presentation of HUB4CLOUD CSA, the sister project of H-CLOUD, given by project coordinator Dr Giovanni Rimassa.

The introduction was followed by a session on serverless computing. During this session, Dr Giuliano Casale, Reader, Imperial College London, presented the H2020 project RADON and its findings regarding DevOps for Serverless-Computing. Hereafter, Xavier Peralta, SysAdmin, CSUC, continued with a UNICORE use case presentation on Unikernels in Practice.

The next part of the event gave space to four interesting presentations on edge computing. During the first presentation, Dr Patrizio Dazzi, Researcher, ISTI-CNR, and Dr Konstantinos Tserpes, Assistant Professor, Harokopio University, presented edge computing insights of the ACCORDION H2020 project. Hereafter, Dr Olga Segou, Senior RID Specialist, Intrasoft International SA, shared insights from the PLEDGER project on Security in Cloud-Edge Environments. Dr Marco Mancini, Cloud Technical Evangelist, OpenNebula, continued with an introduction of ONEedge, OpenNebula’s Edge Computing Initiative. Finally, Dr Monique Calisti, President Digital for Planet & CEO Martel Innovate, presented Green Cloud, Edge, IoT funding opportunities under Horizon Europe.

The last part of the event focused on Cloud optimsation. Gabriele Giammatteo, Researcher, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., kicked-off the session with a PLEDGER presentation on automated benchmarking for Cloud. Hereafter, Dr Kyriakos Kritikos,
Afilliated Researcher & Associate Professor, ICS-FORTH & University of the Aegean, Marta Różańska, PhD Student, University of Oslo, and Dr Geir Horn, Head of European ICT Projects, University of Oslo concluded the sessions by presenting MORPHEMIC’s insights on Cloud modelling and optimisation.

The speakers’ presentations can be found here.

The event ended with a short discussion round between all panellists and attendees, which highlighted that the community is interested in similar future events. In case you have missed the event, you can watch the recording here.