RAINBOW Use Cases Video

RAINBOW Use Cases Video is OUT!

The second VIDEO of RAINBOW is a FACT and is now available! RAINBOW’s consortium releases the second video of the project, one that aims to inform the public about the use cases of RAINBOW.

The new video, entitled “RAINBOW Use Cases, is the second of a series of videos which seek to introduce and explain all aspects of the project to our audience.

The RAINBOW Fog Computing platform will be evaluated and validated through a set of Use Cases, inspired by state-of-the-art applications. This production, focuses in descripting the three project demonstrators, their challenges and the impact of RAINBOW in each of them:

  • The first Use Case concerns the Collaboration between Humans and Robots in Industrial Ecosystems
  • The second Use Case regards Digital Transformation of Urban Mobility
  • The third Use Case is about Power Line Surveillance via Swarm of Drones

The “RAINBOW Use Cases” video is publicly available through RAINBOW’s YouTube channel and can be found here: