Save the Date: H-CLOUD Expert Consultations 2021

H-CLOUD, the Coordination and Support Action supporting the European Commission (EC) in the linking with the Cloud Computing Community in Europe, is organising a set of invite-only and public webinars to discuss challenges and opportunities of Cloud Computing for the next EC work programmes spanning from research and innovation (Horizon Europe) to deployment (Digital Europe and Connecting Europe Facility 2) of Cloud technologies. The focus of these webinars is to gather Cloud experts’ feedback on the document “Cloud Computing in Europe: Landscape Analysis, Adoption Challenges and Future Research and Innovation Opportunities” developed by the H-CLOUD project and help H-CLOUD to define the next steps. You can read the whole document You can read the whole document here.

The four consultation webinars will take place in September and October 2021 and each of them will focus on a dedicated topic and target a specific audience:

  • 23 Sept 2021     15:00 – 17:00:   Shaping the European Research Agenda for Cloud Computing (invite-only)
  • 30 Sept 2021    15:00 – 17:00:   Unleashing Cloud Adoption by SMEs (invite-only)
  • 7 Oct 2021        15:00 – 17:00:   Supporting European Cloud Providers (invite-only)
  • 28 Oct 2021      15:00 – 17:00:   Shaping the New Strategy for Cloud Computing in Europe (public)

In case you would like to be invited to one of the invite-only webinars, please contact us here.

More information will follow soon. Stay tuned!