The 1st version of the RAINBOW platform has been realised!


RAINBOW recently reached a significant milestone by delivering the first version of its integrated fog computing platform.

RAINBOW’s first release abstracts and seamlessly handles:

  • The deployment description of IoT services through the drag ‘n’ drop Service Graph Editor.
  • The near-optimal placement of IoT services on provisioned fog resources through RAINBOW’s Kubernetes-compliant Smart Orchestrator.
  • The network administration that supports encrypted IPv6 data dissemination and reactive routing based on the CJDNS protocol deployed on top of Kubernetes Calico.
  • The establishment of trust and verifying security primitives across the device-fog-cloud stack through RAINBOW’s zero-conf” bootstrapping protocols.
  • Pushing “intelligence” to the network “edge” with in-place data management through RAINBOW’s self-adaptive monitoring, intelligent storage fabric extending across the network overlay and fog-aware streaming analytics engine built on top of Apache Storm.

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