Horizon CLOUD, The open community of European Cloud stakeholders

H-CLOUD leads coordination and support activities for the consolidation and growth of the Cloud Computing research and innovation community in Europe, bringing together innovators, policy makers, cloud computing research, industry and users into an open, participatory and sustainable forum. The H-CLOUD Forum will strengthen collaboration to address challenges and opportunities at research, technological, policy, standardisation and organisational level to unlock the potential of cloud computing for all European stakeholders.

H-CLOUD will provide a rich set of collaborative content, tools and actions to overcome fragmentation and increase collaboration in Europe and beyond, while aligning on a common direction to help creating a Cloud agenda for the future of Europe. To this purpose H-CLOUD will lead the definition of the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for Cloud Computing that will provide recommendations and strategies to guide the future of European Cloud services and their market regulations. This will encompass the creation of a comprehensive knowledge base, the H-CLOUD LANDSCAPE, including an online catalogue of stakeholders, initiatives, projects, businesses, policies, success stories and best practices that will be made accessible to all H-CLOUD FORUM participants.