The European Cloud Computing Hub

HORIZON CLOUD gathers European Cloud Computing stakeholders in a sustainable, informed, and coordinated open community to remove fragmentation and increase collaboration in Europe and beyond

Our priority areas



Information and Communication Technologies alone are estimated to account for up to 8% of world power consumption. ICT energy efficiency, especially in Cloud Computing, is important for the economy, energy conservation, and environmental responsibility. Find out more about HORIZON CLOUD’s definition of Green Cloud and the environmental impact and energy consumption of Cloud Computing in several dimensions, ranging from the main perspective of the data centre through to end user behaviours and media considerations.



The Cloud and IoT technologies have steadily moved towards a technical and business convergence often labeled as Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum, with Edge Computing becoming both the target and the battleground of this convergence process. Find out more about our analysis of the landscape, and our key recommendations in relation to supporting the Computing Continuum.


Cloud Federation

Federation is often discussed in the context of multi-cloud integration (federated cloud) and data sharing (federated data). HORIZON CLOUD has analysed both federated cloud and federated data and presents organisational principles and best practices of federations, as well as mechanisms for technical and service organisation and coordination. Moreover, we describe the use of federated IT service structures to enable effective cloud-to-edge integration as well as secure access, sharing, and analysis of distributed data.