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Our priority areas



Information and Communication Technologies alone are estimated to account for up to 8% of world power consumption. ICT energy efficiency, especially in Cloud Computing, is important for the economy, energy conservation, and environmental responsibility. Find out more about HORIZON CLOUD’s definition of Green Cloud and the environmental impact and energy consumption of Cloud Computing in several dimensions, ranging from the main perspective of the data centre through to end user behaviours and media considerations.


Cloud Edge

Edge Computing is considered one of the key enablers for digital transformation in Europe. HORIZON CLOUD has explored Edge Computing market growth, and the implications of moving data processing balance from today’s 20% data at the network edge and 80% in cloud-based infrastructure to 80% at the network edge and 20% in cloud-based infrastructure. Find out more about our analysis of the demand side and supply side landscape, and our key recommendations in relation to supporting Edge Computing adoption.


Cloud Federation

Federation is often discussed in the context of multi-cloud integration (federated cloud) and data sharing (federated data). HORIZON CLOUD has analysed both federated cloud and federated data and presents organisational principles and best practices of federations, as well as mechanisms for technical and service organisation and coordination. Moreover, we describe the use of federated IT service structures to enable effective cloud-to-edge integration as well as secure access, sharing, and analysis of distributed data.

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The HORIZON CLOUD Forum aims to connect cloud stakeholders, increase awareness and collaboration across different stakeholder groups, provide cross-fertilisation opportunities, and stimulate the adoption of research and innovation outputs so as to ensure technological sovereignty and global competitiveness of Europe. Discover more about the Forum and become a member for free!


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HUB4CLOUD Interview Series With Rob Gibbon From Canonical

HUB4CLOUD, the Coordination and Support Action that is part of the HORIZON CLOUD initiative, as part of its Interview Series “European Cloud Stakeholders on the Spot”, brings to you its 4th interview. The project is interviewing European Cloud Stakeholders on a regular basis to analyse the European Cloud Community’s (ECC) efforts, impact, success stories and best practices to appraise the digital maturity of different approaches and industry sectors and identify relevant patterns, processes and trends that can help direct the adoption of Cloud Computing and the evolution of ECC initiatives/calls.

Cloud Adoption Challenges & Opportunities

Cloud Computing, as a fundamental brick of a digital Europe, will play an important role in European economy and society by embracing core European values, spanning fundamental individual rights to market openness and environmental friendliness. HORIZON CLOUD has conducted a supply and demand analysis aiming at identifying the status, challenges, and opportunities that Europe is facing with regards to the adoption and provision of Cloud Computing with a specific focus on federated cloud, edge computing, and green computing. Find out more about key challenges and opportunities from the perspective of demand in six key sectors: public administration, healthcare, transport, energy, agriculture, and manufacturing.

European Cloud Frameworks

Cloud Computing is a fundamental instrument to the success of European Economy. In the recent past the European Commission launched a number of initiatives and defined a number of policies that play a fundamental role to support and regulate the European Cloud ecosystem.

data strategy

A European Strategy for Data

The strategy pushes the creation of a single market for data within Europe supported by a High Impact Project on European data spaces and federated cloud infrastructures.

industry strategy

A new Industrial Strategy

The strategy sets the lines for an industrial strategy aligned with core European societal and market values, including the investments on sustainable digital infrastructure.

Good Cloud Practices

Which Cloud initiatives provide added value to what is currently considered state of the art within the European Cloud landscape? HORIZON CLOUD has identified several success stories and good practices and presents challenges and recommendations for future actions in the Cloud Computing field.