The HORIZON CLOUD Forum aims to connect cloud stakeholders, increase awareness and collaboration across different stakeholder groups, provide cross-fertilisation opportunities, and stimulate the adoption of research and innovation outputs so as to ensure technological sovereignty and global competitiveness of Europe. This by leveraging, complementing and expanding the results of the European Cloud Strategy 2012.

The ambition of the HORIZON CLOUD Forum is to remove fragmentation and increase collaboration in Europe and beyond, while aligning on a common direction to help creating a Cloud agenda for the future of the Digital Single Market. The HORIZON CLOUD Forum has been conceived to be inclusive and open to all stakeholder groups including Cloud technology innovators, application developers and open standards contributors, Cloud providers, user communities, policy makers, public authorities and standards groups.


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  • Working Groups: gathering European Cloud Community stakeholders focusing on specific technical and policy themes requiring cross-country, cross-organisation and cross-initiative coordination for the implementation of the HORIZON CLOUD strategy.
  • Interest Groups: comprising of experts from the European Cloud Community committed to directly or indirectly collaborate and exchange information on specific aspects of the Cloud Community
  • Advisory Board: gathering a selected and reputable group of experts tasked to provide recommendations on specific strategic technical and policy directions, collaborating with funding agencies and policy makers, and contributing to risk management activities and the Forum external collaboration plans.

Some of the major themes covered by the HORIZON CLOUD FORUM include:

  • Theme 1. Cloud certification
  • Theme 2. European data policy framework
  • Theme 3. National regulatory framework
  • Theme 4. Interoperability, portability and open source initiatives
  • Theme 5. Pre-standardisation
  • Theme 6. Artificial Intelligence and algorithmic transparency
  • Theme 7. Cloud Research and innovation priorities
  • Theme 8. The European industrial sector

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