“Cloud-Edge-IoT Convergence” at the IoT Week 2022

Cloud, edge and IoT technologies have steadily moved towards a technical and business convergence often labelled as Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum.

The Digital Compass emphasises clear and measurable targets for 2030 that are however systemic and challenging (e.g., 75% of European enterprises have taken up cloud computing services, or 10,000 climate neutral, highly secure edge nodes have been deployed in the EU).

Cloud Edge Computing and related technologies are essential tools that will enable the digital transformation of, and data-driven innovation by, the EU economy and its 24 million enterprises and have the potential to transform businesses across Europe.

“The European Cloud, Edge & IoT Continuum” is the initiative spearheaded by the European Commission (EC) on a mission to converge these topics. In the forthcoming IoT Week 2022, challenges faced by players in these industries will be discussed under a number of sessions.

  • Challenges of IoT and Edge Computing for European Industry
    The move to the Far Edge will have huge economic potential by leveraging a local, distributed computing infrastructure, and it facilitates the creation of new services and business models, which are much more rooted in verticals around the applications than today’s more general-purpose cloud business models.
    The session will focus on the economic potential of Edge Computing in the context of the next-generation IoT by providing an analysis of Europe’s economic opportunities, covering its environmental, energy, and green potential.
  • Future European platforms for the IoT and Edge: Meta Operating Systems
    The call topic “Future European platforms for the Edge: Meta Operating Systems” targeted for the next generation of higher-level (meta) operating systems for the smart IoT with strong computing capacity at the edge, embedded in a computing continuum from IoT-to-edge-to-cloud. Horizon Europe Cluster 4 projects are launched to strengthen European supply and value chains in cloud to edge computing by integrating relevant elements of computing, connectivity, IoT, AI and cybersecurity. Selected projects will exploit new computing and virtualisation paradigms, building on established cloud concepts and targeting down-scaling application-agnostic computing principles to a novel edge infrastructure.
  • EU-IoT: The NGIoT Initiative
    The evolution of the IoT into the Next-generation IoT will be marked by a series of technological advances which includes contextually aware and distributed intelligence, federated services and microservices, integration of DLTs and smart contracts, and tactile and AR interfaces among others. It is typified by the convergence between the cloud and Edge along the human-cloud computing continuum and is underpinned by the functionalities afforded by 5G networks.

In this session, the future European roadmap for research and innovation, a result of aligned input from different tasks, including the outcomes of stakeholder engagements, surveys and workshops will be presented to provide an overview of the key themes, topics and trends facing the future of IoT.


Do not miss to join and/or follow IoT Week 2022 at Dublin, from 20th – 23rd June 2022!