European Commission Consultation on the 2030 Digital Compass

The European Commission is currently looking for feedback and input from (Cloud) stakeholders to help shape the Digital Compass policy programme. Therefore, it has launched a new consultation on the 2030 Digital Compass, which is running from 22 June until 3 August 2021. You can reply to the survey here.
In particular, the Commission is interested to have Cloud stakeholders’ views on:

  • How to achieve 10 000 climate-neutral highly secure edge nodes, with a node at least every 100km, in section IIb) Digital Infrastructures.
  • How to achieve 75% Cloud uptake by EU businesses, in section IIc) digital transformation of businesses.

On 9 March 2021, the Commission published a Communication on the 2030 Digital Compass, where it stated a vision for the European way towards the Digital Decade, evolving around four cardinal points: skills, infrastructure, business and government. The Commission aims to enable the Digital Decade with a set of concrete tools that will be presented as part of the Digital Decade policy programme, including:

  • targets and key milestones
  • a robust joint governance structure including a traffic light monitoring system to identify successes and gaps
  • multi-country projects combining investments from the EU, Member States and the private sector

Find out more about the 2030 Digital Compass here.