H-CLOUD publishes final version of White Paper: “Cloud Computing in Europe”

H-CLOUD published the final version of its White Paper “Cloud Computing in Europe: Landscape Analysis, Adoption Challenges and Future Research and Innovation Opportunities”. The paper aims to support the EC in the definition of priorities for the upcoming work programmes. It includes an in-depth landscape analysis of the current European Cloud market and provides recommendations and strategies to guide the future of European Cloud services and their market regulations. More specifically, the document explores the question of how supply and demand can be improved in terms of quality and conditions of use, and increased to boost European innovation in the following Cloud Computing areas:

  • Effective Cloud federation models to stimulate the creation of a European public Cloud service market leveraging existing capacities and to enable interoperation of existing data and services;
  • Edge Computing to efficiently and sustainably support digital transformation where the data and the users are today and to enable innovative services built on speed, accessibility and responsiveness, while preserving respect for European values;
  • Applying green computing principles to the whole lifecycle of Cloud and Edge Computing to support the transition toward a carbon-neutral (if not carbon-negative) digital society by 2050.

“The European Cloud market is evolving fast. H-CLOUD’s White Paper takes the pulse of the current European Cloud landscape and helps shape future European Cloud policies,” said Dr. Federico M. Facca, H-CLOUD project coordinator and lead author of the paper. Mark Dietrich, H-CLOUD partner from EGI Foundation and lead author, adds: “The H-CLOUD White Paper is an important asset that can support Europe’s goal of digital sovereignty combining extensive knowledge and insights from a wide range of European Cloud stakeholders.”

The H-CLOUD White Paper was written between January 2020 – April 2022 and it includes input and feedback from many European Cloud stakeholders that were consulted during the writing process.