H-CLOUD talk on Green ICT at the European Researchers’ Night

H-CLOUD talk on Green ICT at the European Researchers’ NightOn 27 November 2020, H-CLOUD partner Dr Steve Robertshaw from AcrossLimits joined the European Researchers’ Night and served as introductory speaker for the European Green Deal: Employment through Green Technologies webinar, where he gave a presentation on “European Green Deal, and Opportunities in Green Information Communication Technologies”. During the webinar, Dr Robertshaw presented the work on Green ICT carried out by H-CLOUD and linked to the H-CLOUD Green Paper, which was published only a few weeks ago. 

The European Researchers’ Night is a public, Europe-wide event, funded under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, which focuses on bringing researchers closer to the public. From within a Horizon 2020 context, the idea is to launch parallel European events that heighten awareness of scientific career opportunities for young researchers, and generate a greater, general appreciation towards researchers by the public. A special focus is placed on the involvement of youth within scientific fields, while displaying the scientific impact on one’s daily life.