H-CLOUD White Paper Video Series

H-CLOUD, the Coordination and Support Action supporting the European Commission (EC) in the linking with the Cloud Computing Community in Europe, published the first of a series of videos on the project’s main outcome, which is about to be finalised in the next weeks: The White Paper “Cloud Computing in Europe: Landscape Analysis, Adoption Challenges and Future Research and Innovation Opportunities” Download here the PDF. Aim of the Video Series is to give interested stakeholders a quick and easy overview of the content of the White Paper. H-CLOUD released a total of seven videos addressing the following topics in February 2022:

  1. Understanding the Basis: Logic Model and Policy Context  (released on 3 Feb)
  2. Zooming into the Market Context (released on 7 Feb)
  3. Pillar 1: Becoming Data Aware (released on 16 Feb)
  4. Pillar 2: Becoming Data Driven (released on 16 Feb)
  5. Pillar 3: Building a Stronger EU IT Supply Market (released on 22 Feb)
  6. Pillar 4: Laying the Foundation for Digital Transformation (released on 22 Feb)
  7. Monitoring the Research Landscape (Released on 24 Feb)

After the release of all videos, H-CLOUD will host its final White Paper Consultation on 24 February 2022 from 15:00 – 16:30 CET to gather Cloud experts’ feedback on the document for the last time. The event is open to everybody interested in shaping the future Cloud Computing Strategy in Europe. You can register for free here.

More about the White Paper

To support the European Commission’s (EC) work on the definition of priorities for the upcoming European digitalisation programmes, the White Paper explores the question of how supply and demand can be improved in terms of quality and conditions of use, and increased to boost European innovation in the following cloud computing areas:

  1. Effective cloud federation models to stimulate the creation of a European public cloud service market leveraging existing capacities;
  2. Edge computing, its market growth, and the implications of the edge/cloud infrastructure balance switching from today’s 20% data at the network edge and 80% in cloud-based infrastructure to 80% at the network edge and 20% in cloud-based infrastructure;
  3. Adoption of green computing principles to the whole lifecycle of cloud computing delivery to support the transition toward a carbon-neutral (if not carbon-negative) digital society by 2050.

The writing process of the White Paper is currently in its final phase and the result will be shared soon. Stay tuned!