HUB4CLOUD interview series with Pierre Gronlier, CTO, GAIA-X

HUB4CLOUD, the Coordination and Support Action that is part of the HORIZON CLOUD initiative, as part of its Interview Series “European Cloud Stakeholders on the Spot”, brings to you its 2nd interview. The project is interviewing European Cloud Stakeholders on a regular basis to analyse the European Cloud Community’s (ECC) efforts, impact, success stories and best practices to appraise the digital maturity of different approaches and industry sectors and identify relevant patterns, processes and trends that can help direct the adoption of Cloud Computing and the evolution of ECC initiatives/calls.

In this second video interview, Pierre Gronlier, CTO, GAIA-X talks about the European Cloud Computing needs and challenges and the offerings of GAIA-X with HUB4CLOUD partner Enrique Areizaga from TECNALIA.