UNICORE project concludes providing a unikernel development kit

unicore_logoMarch 2022 marks the end of the EU-funded UNICORE Project, after 3 years of ambitious development, integration, testing and validation of a common code-base and toolchain to enable software developers to rapidly create secure, portable, scalable, high-performance solutions starting from existing applications. The UNICORE project is proud of all the amazing progress towards a unikernel development kit in the form of the Unikraft Linux Foundation open source project (www.unikraft.org).

The project, started in January 2019 within a consortium of 12 partners across the areas of Academia, Industry and SMEs, has reached its milestones in delivering the definitions, specifications, design and implementation of the UNICORE toolchain and, at the same time, the evaluation of the technologies developed by the consortium in a number of trials, spanning several application domains.

UNICORE addresses featureset and performance gaps in state-of-the-art DevOps-enabled solutions, enabling software developers and Independent Software Vendors, DevOps Engineers and Industry End-Users to deploy their products to a secure and flexible environment, powered by Unikernels.

The benefits of using Unikernels are the fast instantiation times, the enhanced security of the DevOps Environment, the increase in performance over SOTA virtualization solutions and the reduced power consumption.

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